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Projected Phase One Impact


Home & Farm Residents


Home & Farm Employees


Grace & Flavor Employees


Adults trained & placed in Engage, Educate & Employ

Projected Phase Two Impact


Farm-to-Table Restaurant Employees


Welcome Center Employees


Community & Training Center Employees


Adults Served in Community & Training Center


Being heard, learning about resources, finding mutual support, connecting with others and planning a future for a son or daughter with autism, Down Syndrome and other diagnoses is a critical factor in supporting the wellbeing of each family.

We are building a community-wide system for families with other service-providing partners in order to ensure needs are met.


A combination of generous donors, foundation grants, corporate support, government programs and other fundraising tools are enhanced by the SLS approach to affiliated social enterprise businesses.

It is our intention that SLS-owned businesses and unique partnerships will generate revenue to support services and lower costs for families.

Check out our first social enterprise, Grace & Flavor.

Diversity & Inclusion

Often explored, discussed and challenged, we strive to model true diversity and inclusion in our organization, programs and businesses.

Our goal is to understand and recognize that each individual is unique and deserves to be honored. Grace & Flavor, as an example, is designed to be a gathering place for many cultures, languages, economics, ages, diverse opinions and people with special abilities. We pledge to remain in listening and learning mode.


SLS Community is a national project benefiting from the best practices modeled at Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins Hospital and May Institute (Boston). The University of Arkansas is engaged with SLS Community for research, innovative business practices and ongoing assessment of our initiatives.

Research through current and future partners is essential to our clients and their families. We will continue to maintain the highest level of service utilizing the most effective and current methods.

Incredible Things Can Happen With Your Support

The need for innovative, person-centered services and support continues to exceed the available resources, leaving a generation of people with emotional and intellectual disabilities and their families in a programmatic, financial and personal crisis.

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