We do difference, differently.

We are a community of tenacious advocates alongside Neurodiverse Adults. We believe all should flourish, and all means all.



The neurodiversity movement challenges widely accepted thought that a neurodivergence like autism or an intellectual disability inherently needs fixing or requires treatment. Instead, it invites others to recognize & respect neurological differences. It challenges society to further reimagine and evolve to meet needs and remove barriers– allowing ALL people to flourish regardless of ability.

What We Do

SLS Community champions the inclusion of people with disabilities.
We are not tweaking old models, we are redefining possibility.

SLS Community - Live



We solve for the housing crisis among Neurodiverse adults. Every adult deserves choices in their living situation.

SLS Community - Work



We connect amazing companies with amazing talent. Neurodiverse adults represent a massive demographic missing from our workforce.

SLS Community - Play



We develop infrastructure and experiences that allow everyone to participate regardless of ability. When everyone plays, we all flourish.


1. All Means All

SLS Community recognizes there is a subset of adults with disabilities that slip through the cracks. We design supports inclusive of those with the highest needs and behavioral challenges. When we solve for the most vulnerable, we solve for all.

2. Making Inclusion Accessible

You don’t need to be a specialist or have letters behind your name to flourish in relationships with neurodiverse adults. SLS Community invites everyone to benefit from a more diverse social and professional network.

3- Impact over Ego. Always.

We don’t need our name on every initiative or program. We bring together organizations across multiple sectors to solve big problems. Sometimes we bridge a service gap connecting our network members; other times, we choose to eliminate the gap with our own programming and resources.

4. Redefining Possibility

SLS Community convenes national thought leaders to reimagine the human service industry. We are not tweaking old models; we are design modern supports for adults with disabilities to flourish within their communities.

5. Winning Is The Only Option

Data matters. Assumption and well-wishing do not ensure life change. We measure and respond to our data in real-time--learning every day how to do good better. Every human life has value--failing our participants is not an option.

Incredible Change Starts With Your Support


The need for innovative, person-centered services and support continues to exceed the available resources, leaving a generation of people with emotional and intellectual disabilities and their families in a programmatic, financial and personal crisis.

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