Connect partner companies with amazing talent. Neurodiverse adults represent a massive demographic missing from our workforce.

Engage, Educate & Employ

Having a meaningful job and contributing our skills and insights is an important part of building confidence.


Centered on both individuals and families in a welcoming community centered on skill development, placement and coaching.


Observable and measurable skills are outlined following assessment. A comprehensive individual support plan maximizes strengths with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methods used to teach and monitor skills.


Matching strengths with the needs of the workplace, coupled with ongoing support based on ABA principles, results in meaningful work for the individual.

Workforce Development Initiative

There are three essential components in any successful program for enhancing opportunities for neurodiverse individuals:


The ability to identify and engage each participant's interests and co-assess their skill level and capacity.


Support personal & professional growth through skilled pre-training and on-site coaching.


Link coaches to participants and employers for long-term success.

These three elements are all so important for our community of neurodiverse adults (autism, Down Syndrome and more). With an 85% unemployment rate, each skilled, eager-to-work individual doesn’t often get the opportunity to contribute talents. Employers are often hesitant to open jobs to a population that may require accommodations and flexibility.