Our world is a playground. Unfortunately, poor design, limited transportation, and inaccessible structures keep many people on the outside looking in. SLS Community and South Cato Springs are committed to developing infrastructure and experiences that allow everyone to participate regardless of ability.

When everyone can participate, we all flourish.


South Cato Springs

SLS Community and its impact partners have launched a project called South Cato Springs in south Fayetteville. This is in collaboration with South Cato Springs Holdings, LLC, the holder of +230-acres along South Cato Springs Road in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The project includes commercial, vocational, residential, recreational, and clinical resources to improve the quality of life of the entire community of Northwest Arkansas while promoting meaningful interaction between neurodiverse adults and the broader community along “live, work and play” themes that are interwoven in this mixed-use development.

South Cato Springs is a future development that is for everyone. It will also be the future site of SLS Community’s scaled operations.

The project has secured nationally recognized anchors to demonstrate inclusion at scale. The development will create jobs, sustainable revenue for the SLS community, and a national model for designing more welcoming communities.

  • Community and Recreation Center
  • Commercial Offices
  • Adaptive Mountain Biking
  • Farm to Table Restaurant
  • World-Class Medical Care
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Music, Film, Entertainment Venue
  • Various Housing Options

The South Cato Project ensures that as NWA experiences explosive growth and continues to rise in desirability, it is welcoming for people of ALL abilities.

What is Universal Design?

Simply put, universal design is intentionally including as many people as possible from inception to construction. It is not a specific adaptation for a minority group; instead, universal design takes as many people’s needs regardless of age, size, or ability to ensure maximum enjoyment by all.

If you can imagine bringing your company to South Cato Springs or would like to ‘universally design’ your next project, contact us.

Our Impact Partners