Expanding access to housing choice, individualized services, whole health resources, and clinical care.

No support need is too great. SLS will maintain capacity for neurodiverse adults with high intervention needs for severe behavior.

“SLS offers a highly interactive, human-centered project, creating housing, employment, recreation, learning, outreach and more. The May Institute is pleased to partner with SLS in developing this unique, groundbreaking approach for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Dr. Lauren SolotarCEO, May Institute
A four-pronged approach

SLS Community champions the inclusion of people with disabilities.
We are not tweaking old models, we are redefining possibility.

Create access to high quality & affordable housing with community options.


For many individuals and families experiencing disability, independent living in high-quality housing outside of the home is economically impossible. SLS will include safe, supportive housing options for residents in the South Cato Springs development. These housing options will include both permanent residents and throughput of transitionary residents who are building independent living and vocational skills.


Encourage Growth through whole health


The concept of “whole health” recognizes that mind, body, nutrition, exercise, and relationships are all integral to well-being. We invite our Community Participants to explore and dream in regards to their entire being.

Direct Support Services


Many neurodiverse individuals need tailored programming, behavioral, and medical support to complete daily tasks and maintain a solid foundation for growth. The providers of these supportive services are called Direct Support Professionals. SLS Community will ensure every Community Participant can thrive with individualized support and independent skills training for both residents and non-residents.

Partnership with UAMS


SLS is partnered with University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) as they construct an outpatient multi-specialty medical facility with allied therapeutic services and research capabilities, specially adapted to meet the needs of the neurodiverse population.