Now: Prototype Phase

SLS Community is currently engaging in several initiatives in preparation for scaled operations in the South Cato Springs development, aligned with “live, work, play” themes.

Current Residential Prototype


Located in West Fayetteville, Stewart Place is a micro-concept of larger projects. It is a residential model for a small number of neurodiverse residents that offers behavioral direct support services through Applied Behavioral Analysis and best practices in clinical management. These services emphasize nutrition and exercise as part of a broader focus on whole health, as well as life skills development. These residential treatment practices are in preparation for scaling to serve a much wider number of clients in South Cato Springs.

We seek to incrementally increase our capacity for neurodiverse residents prior to South Cato Springs. We do not current have any availabilities.

Building Community

Social Events

We seek to cultivate social inclusion and integration for neurodiverse adults in the broader community.

Stay tuned for future social events!

Small Scale Social Enterprises

Catch us at our “SLS Sprouts” stand at the Springdale Farmer’s Market this summer and fall! Local herbs, vegetables, fruits, and home goods, all sourced from Stewart’s Place. Some produce is grown using our aeroponic Tower Garden systems at Stewart’s place: the same technology that NASA uses!

Check our Facebook page for date announcements.